Guide to Reading Ball Handicap on sbobet

Do not rule out the possibility of online soccer gambling on online gambling sites sometimes still a confusion for some players who are unfamiliar with vooran. In the article below, we will try to explain how to read voor’s and the process of playing online betting for beginners.

The process of playing this handicap bet itself has its own meaning such as balancing bets in an ongoing match. Usually the non-featured teams will always get more votes than the team with the highest winning percentage.

The online gambling site itself is already well-known as one of the places that provides soccer ball, basketball, ice hookey and many other sports.

The point is in the way of playing this handicap ball gambling there is always the size of the vooran value that has been determined based on the assessment of the ball dealer. In general, the value of the vooran will be given depending on the results of the match between the two teams from the previous match.

Here we try to share some of the voor that are usually contained in online handicap ball gambling:

  • 0.0 means there is no voor between the two kesebasan
  • 0-0.5 means voor in a quarter of a ball
  • 0.50 here means the half ball voor
  • 0.5-1 here means voor three-fourths of a ball
  • 1.0 means it is voor 1 ball
  • 1-1.5 is usually read by voor one-fourth of a ball
  • 1.50 means voor one half ball

You should also understand in how to play this gambling ball, the bookies always include an odds or kei value, or the common name is the online soccer betting tax. With these odds all bettors can get more wins than the original bet.

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Generally, the odds for this handicap gambling match will be divided into 2 parts, including positive and negative odds. Positive odds are generally black, while negative odds are always without minus (-) and red.