7 Terms In Bets Provided by Trusted Online Gambling Agent

Next we have covered a number of terms in soccer betting that you can play on online soccer gambling sites.

1. HDP (Handicap)

In the soccer betting display you will find the HDP column. This column gives you information situs judi bola about the size of a VOOR in one match. Usually teams that provide VOOR will be marked in red.

Example: In the picture above, there is a market between Real Madrid and Barcelona. The VOOR score consists of 0.5 / 1, 0.5 and 1 and the team marked in red is Real Madrid. You will also find the number -1.05 which is the odds number. If you bet for Real Madrid with a value of 100 thousand then, if you win will get 100 thousand as well. But if you lose, you will be charged interest or KEI of -1.05 x 100rb. So your total defeat is 105 thousand.

If you bet for Barcelona with VOOR 0.5 and win. Then you will get an interest value of 1.26 x 100rb. You will get 126 thousand dollars, if you lose. Then you only need to pay 100 thousand.

2. O / U (Over Under)

Besides the HDP column, you will find a column that reads GOAL. This column is used for Over and Under bets.

Example: If the ods for this bet is 2 / 2.5 with KEI of 1.26. Bets on Over will win if the total number of goals scored until the match ends is 3 or more goals. However, if the number of goals produced is below 2 then, you are declared to have lost half of the value you bet. If the number of goals produced is 1 or 0, then you are declared to be losing full from the value that you bet. The KEI (interest) calculation amount still refers to the HDP bet type.

3. O / E (Odd / Even)

O / E here means Odd (odd) and Even (even). For this type of bet it’s very easy. You only need to guess the final score of the match, whether it is even or odd. KEI still refers to HDP betting.

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4. 1 × 2

In betting types you will guess which team will come out the winner. Is that the home team or guest team. There are also bets for scores that are even as described in the example below.

  • Odds value 1.69 for bet 1 (winning host)
  • The odds value is 4.50 for bet 2 (away team wins
  • The odds value is 3.50 for bets x (draw)

In this game for example the Real Madrid team won over Barcelona with a score of 2-1. And you bet 100 thousand for 1 (the winning host). Then, you will win a prize (1.69 – 2) x 100 thousand = 69 thousand. The value that you won is 69K. If you bet for 2 or x then, you will be declared losing 100 thousand.

5. First Half

The purpose of the first half is if you bet on HDP, O / U, O / E, 1 × 2 in that column. Then you only place bets for the first round only.

6. Full Time

The purpose of Full Time is if you bet on HDP, O / U, O / E, 1 × 2 in that column. Then you place bets for the full match only.

7. Mix Parlay

Mix Parlay means that you can bet on all available matches on the same day.

How? its easy to understand the terms contained in online soccer gambling,right ?. One more thing you need to know is that the best soccer gambling agent always gives bonuses to its members. Inside there is also an online casino game. For that, if you are interested you can just play this game. Good luck always winning in every game. Greetings jackpot victory.