Guide on How to Play Dragon Tiger Cards at SBOBET Casino Agents

How to Play Dragon Tiger:

  1. Players must place their bets and there are 3 choices namely Dragon or Tiger or TIE
  2. The banker will distribute one card to Dragon & Tiger
  3. To determine each winner, one of the Dragon or Tiger with the highest score will be chosen as the winner. If Dragon & Tiger have the same value, then the game is TIE or IMBANG (not dependent on the flower / motif) card.

K (King) is the highest value & A (Ace) is the lowest value

Example: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, A

Pay to Win (Dragon or Tiger) = 1: 1

Example: Install 100K will win 100K. No commission is deducted by the dealer

Payment for tie or series = 1: 10

Example: Install 100 rb will win 1 million

In how to play Dragon Tiger So Both Dragon or Tiger wins, no commission will be charged or the winnings deducted from both parties. However, if there is a tie the bet amount on Dragon or Tiger will be deducted 50% as a commission fee. The remaining funds will be returned to all players

Example: Put 100 thousand for the Dragon The result is Tie (IMBANG), then the 100 thousand bet will be deducted by 50% so that it is returned to the Player for 50 thousand.

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