How to Play Over Under Online on Maxbet

Over-under certainly is not a type of online soccer betting that is already familiar to the ears of true bettor, you could say this bet has a very much demand.

To be able to enjoy the excitement of over-under betting, you can play it through one of the largest online betting providers today, Maxbet or Ibcbet.

In this provider you can also play various types of sports bets such as soccer, basketball, tennis, badminton and many more so immediately have a Maxbet game account through trusted online bookies.

How to play Over Under Ball Gambling
how to play over under is very easy, where you only need to guess the results in one match whether it will be worth over (exceeding) or under (not exceeding) the number of goals on the market judi online terpercaya.

Keep in mind that in over-under betting, odds (kei) are very important things to consider, because in over / under this has 2 types of odds (kei) as follows:

1. Odds (kei) are negative

  • If the odds value (kei) has a market value of -1.12 then the amount of the bet you placed is worth Rp 100,000, – then the calculation is that if you win then you will get paid Rp. 100,000
  • But if you lose the loss you can get is Rp. 100,000 x 1.12 = Rp. 112,000, and usually this negative kei is marked in red.

2. Odds (kei) positive

In Maxbet positive (kei) odds will usually be marked in black, for example: if the positive odds are 1.12 and the bet amount you place is Rp. 100,000.

The calculation is that if you win then you will get paid for 1.12 x 100,000 = Rp.112,000, – but if you lose then the loss you can get is Rp. 100,000

Over-under bets can also be played in the first half or half time and can also be played in full or full time, and the winnings also do not count from which team wins but from the final score of a match.

For how to play over under this is as follows:

1. 0.5-1

  • To win over, in a match must have 2 or more goals.
  • If the number of goals in 1 match ends with only 1 goal then that is called a win over 1/2.
  • To win under the match results must end with 1 goal or not exceed.

2. 1.50 – 2

  • Win-over conditions can occur if one match ends with 3 or more goals.
  • But if the result of the match only ends with 2 goals then it will be called a win over 1/2.
  • Winning under can occur if the final score in a match totals 1 goal.

3. 2.0

  • Winning over can be obtained if the number of goals in 1 match is 3 or more goals.
  • Winning over 1/2 can occur if the number of goals is only 2 goals.
  • to win under can be obtained if the number of goals in the match is not more than 2 goals.

Here is how to play over under on Maxbet, namely:

Menu Maxbet

A. Main Menu

  • Bet full list: Contains your bet list.
  • Statement: History of the course of your bet.
  • Balance: Contains win lose your bet.
  • Result: The match results that you have installed.
  • Preferences: In this menu you can change the appearance of the game and also the password.
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B. Left Menu

In this menu you can see various types of sports bets that can be played such as: Soccer, E-Sport, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Motorsports, Gold, Cricket, Boxing, Mix Parlay and also Outright.

C. Game Menu

Menu Permainan Maxbet

  • Time: Shows the game time, a little information on the time in Maxbet is 1 hour different from the time in Indonesia.
  • Event: This menu shows the team that will compete.
  • Full Time: The term for the full round of a match.
  • Half Time: The term for the first round round only.
  • HDP: Handicap betting.
  • H: The term for the home team
  • A: The term for the visitors
  • Goal: Contains the market size for the number of goals.
  • Over: A bet type in which the total number of goals in a match must be greater than the market.
  • Under: Type of bet in which the total number of goals in a match may not exceed the market.

Cara membaca taruhan over under di Maxbet

In the match between gangwon FC Seongnam Fc contains 3 columns with numbers 2- 2.5 (odds in the match), 1.11 (odds over), -1.29 (odds under)

*Information :

With these 2 – 2.5 odds, if you guess over then the match must have at least 3 goals in the match, and if you guess under then the match result must not exceed 2 goals.

Those are some ways to play over-under that you really need to understand before starting to play, understand and pay close attention to all of our explanations above before starting to play.

Tips Before Starting to Place Bets
Before you start playing, it is better for you to follow the tips of under-ball we will give, because in all types of online gambling betting, certainly not arbitrary in playing because the bets are in the form of real money, including:

  • It’s a good idea before placing bets beforehand the amount of existing odds, for beginners it’s good to play with a large team first because if placing a bet with a small team and difficult to predict, of course it will be very fatal.
  • It’s a good idea to place bets with a high percentage of goals such as: English League, Spanish League, Dutch League and also the German League.
  • Our advice in this regard is that you should not over put on important events such as: Champions League, World Cup or European Cup.
  • Stay abreast of developments in the teams in the big league, because this can help you a little in predicting which team might be able to score more goals or not.
  • Try placing a bet where the match in the first round is 0 – 0 or draw, so that in the second half you can later play with an over bet because there is a possibility of a goal in the second half.
  • If you have won a large amount of bets, you should first withdraw the winning funds.

So some of our reviews about how to play over under online at Maxbet are complete, hopefully some of these explanations can add insight and can make it easier for you to be able to win this over-under betting.

Thank you and see you again in our next useful discussion.