How to calculate Sbobet 1 × 2 Online Gambling

How to Calculate Sbobet 1 × 2 – 1X2 Game? Surely beginners who just want to play soccer gambling think what it is 1X2. Right? Here we will explain to you what a 1X2 bet is and how to calculate 1×2 correctly.

If a gambler or a beginner who wants to try playing this ball gambling, you should first understand what kind of bet is. Because this is very important if you want to start playing this one soccer bet.

1X2 type bets consist of 1, X and 2 each having a name that is 1 home (host), X draw (series) and 2 away (opposing team). You can choose and bet on those 3 bets.

This 1X2 game is very easy for us to play, because you just choose a bet and then if you win will be calculated from the odds in the match you bet.

Many beginners or gamblers who are new to the world of online soccer gambling are trying to play at 1 × 2 bets, besides being easy this game is also challenging because it has a reasonable and large payment.

However, if you are ready to start this 1X2 bet, you must first find a trusted online agent and then register

Tutorial on How to Calculate Sbobet 1X2 Correctly

If you already understand the meaning of 1X2, we will continue to discuss with you about how to calculate 1×2. This calculation is also very easy, you only need to calculate your total bet with the odds listed in that match.

This 1 X 2 game you only need to choose one bet from the choice 1 X 2. For example if team 1 has odds (1.20), X odds (1.30) and 2 odds (1.40) you can choose and predict which team will be win or draw.

Then here we will explain in more detail and will provide a clearer way to calculate 1×2 for gamblers or beginners. Like this:

1. 1 (1.20) team 1

  • If you choose Team 1 in that match with 1.20 odds, that means the calculation you are betting is if you bet 100 thousand with 1.20 odds.
  • Then how to count sbobet 1 × 2 and your win like this if you bet 100 thousand in team 1 with odds 1.20 then win. Then your win will be calculated 100,000 X 1.20 = 120,000 + 100,000 capital to 220,000. (Net victory value of 120,000)

2. X (1.30) draw

  • For this one bet, you have to choose draws in team 1 and team 2 matches, then how to count 1×2 wins with an odds of 1.30 is as easy as team 1.
  • If you put your capital up to 100,000 then win in a draw bet with an odds of 1.30, then your winnings will be 100,000 X 1.30 = 130,000 + capital to 230,000. (Net victory value of 130,000)
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3. 2 (1.40) team 2

  • This last bet type, is the same calculation with Team 1 and Draw. The difference is only a matter of odds. Certainly if you buy or bet on Team 2 with an odds of 1.40 of 100 thousand.
  • Then the amount of your winnings if you win will be calculated like 100,000 X 1.40 = 140,000 + 100,000 capital to 240,000. Then your net profit is 140,000.

That’s an explanation of how to calculate sbobet 1×2 properly and correctly that you really need to learn, then we will also share some tips on playing this bet so you can get big profits easily.

Tips for Playing Betting 1 × 2 Gambling

Following below, we will give you some tips on playing 1×2 bets that you can try to apply when playing like this:

  • In order to make it easier for you to choose which team you want to install, you have to update the latest soccer news information and also about the information of the team you want to install, whether there are important players injured or get accumulated cards.
  • Before starting to place a bet, you should look for information such as: head to head for the two teams that will compete, such as the last 5 meetings of the two teams and also the 5 previous matches of the two teams.
  • Before starting to place a bet, you should pay attention to the amount of odds the two teams will compete in, usually the team with large odds will be favored.
  • In this 1 × 2 bet you should not play too often with small teams or small leagues, because of course it will be very difficult to predict which team will win.
  • You should also check the ranking of the team you want to place in the 1 × 2 bet, and don’t forget to see the schedule of the teams that will compete so you can predict whether the team can benefit or not.
  • It is better for you to play with a team in a large league such as: English League, Italian League, Spanish League and also the German League, because usually it will be easier to choose the team you want to be installed.

Of course we really hope that all the winning tips that we have given above, can greatly help you in playing and make it easier to win so you can get great profits too.