How to Play Toto Draw on SBOBET

Of course you have to log into the game first to play. When entering the game, the dealer will give 50 seconds for the player to determine the choice of bettingan and bettingan size. There are 8 types of bettingan that can be selected by the player, namely:

  • Hi – Lo: In this choice, players are required to choose between 3 choices, Hi for numbers 100-201, Mid for numbers 107-109, and Ion for choices of numbers 15-106 in the game.
  • Rainbow (Rainbow): In the choice, there are 3 colors, the player can choose select color which is blue, yellow and green. Then the player can choose how many will apper and will show the numbers from 0 to 6. For example, the player chooses number 3, which means to be able to win, then there must be 3 yellow bubbles appearing.
  • Odd Even: This part is a choice between 1 and 2, Odd for the odd and Even for the even.
  • Final Color: This is a choice of 1 of the 4 colors provided namely blue, green, yellow, and red that will come out.
  • Final Ball: Understanding Final ball is a game that guesses the numbers. There will be 37 number choices available, and those that appear on the last ball can only choose 1 number in that choice
  • Lotto: This is also a guess of the number, but the difference is only the player can choose more than 1 number in this option.
  • Total: Namely choose 4 choices namely under 84, 84 to 107, 108 to 132 and over 132.
  • First or Last: Choose First or Last. The one where First is the first ball number is bigger than the second ball. While Last is the second ball that is bigger than the first ball out.
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That’s how to play toto draw well, but from this basic article you can develop it in the future so that it produces a good playing strategy and finds the most profitable type of bet.