How to play Roulette on Sbobet to win continuously

Online roulette games are widely known as casino games that allow a person to get rich in a short time if he knows exactly how to play Roulette on Sbobet.

We now know that there are many versions of tips and advice on how to win this online roulette game. You will be able to say that during this article, we will discuss how to play roulette on Facebook to win continuously.

Simple tricks to play roulette on sbobet with secret combinations and methods:

1 Martingale system

The first trick to playing roulette on a martingale system is how to manage probabilities that make sense to have the same value at a certain time or time before using the principle of multiplication.

This system is generally used by people with substantial capital, because it is a balanced system, which means that this game generates a lot of investment or capital and can also make big money. benefits, good for those of you who have the opportunity. have big capital, so you can certainly get a lot that way.

Let’s try using this example:
For example, you will place bets on odd numbers with a value of 100, then after the table stops spinning and the amount will be even, then in the second round, you will increase or double your bet to double to 200.

But if what comes out is the same or means you lost, do the same thing again, meaning you put it weird and bet by multiplying the number by 400.

Do this method continuously until you get a win so you are sure to get all the capital you have lost and get 100 wins every time you win and you will definitely win one of these arms.

Note : This trick can be used in systems that provide 1: 1 benefits such as on link alternatif depobos a red or black board, flat or odds or 1–18 or 19–36.

2. 30 numbers are taken

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The second trick to playing roulette on sbobet using the 2 digit 30 digit system is to buy 30 digits by installing it in two places.

What you do is make a purchase with 1 Taken in small quantities such as 1–18 for 300 Rp. And 1 for other purchases at 3 12 (25-36) Rp 200, then the calculated amount is if the ball stops at a small amount under 18, the small bet that you have placed will win a total of 300 Rp, then your bet placed on the date 12 will lose Rp. 200, which means that here you will win a total of Rp.100

Now, what happens if the ball stops at a large amount above 24, then bets placed on a small amount will lose 300 Rp. And on the 3rd, you will experience a win of 400 Rp; basically anything that will come out of a small or large amount you will always get a victory of Rp.100.

Note : One thing we want to remind you is that if you use this method, use caution because your winnings are more than 80%. Clarity is needed to accurately see and predict where the ball will stop.

3. Bet on roulette orb

The last trick when playing roulette on the roulette bet means that the role of the number 0 is the middle number, if you put a number on a number whose name is a half circle.

LEFT half-circle left (columns 2 and 4) represent 18 digits
The half circle at RIGHT zero (columns 1 and 3) is equal to 18 digits
The half circle at the top (columns 1 and 2) consists of 18 digits
The half circle below (columns 3 and 4) represents 18 digits

Then, the calculation of the benefits that you can get using this trick is that you install 18 digits at least 100 = 1 800 if you make 100 Rp. 35 = 3,500 + 100 Your bets become 3,600–1,700 = 1,800 you will definitely get a profit.

Good luck always on your side